Project Description

Why important decisions needn’t be tough ones.

Whilst managing costs is always a priority, managing forklift fleets may not be the number one item on the agenda for most companies.

Many find it hard to know where to start when it comes to fleet management, delaying the decision making process.

With all the different options available and varying individual company requirements, the processes involved may seem daunting, but a few simple steps can give you the important information that allows you to make the best decisions.

Account Management is vital when it comes to making the decision of what forklift fleet your company requires. Effective fleet management means having the right amount, and the right type, of equipment and making sure this is maintained or renewed so you can work efficiently. Endeavour treats each company individually, paying special attention to their individual requirements and giving them multiple options that will best suit their needs.

Jason Reynolds, Managing Director at Endeavour describes: “An important part of account management is being proactive with your supplier; working together with them, to discuss your forklift fleet and plan for the future. We offer a one-stop approach for finance, hire, sales, maintenance and spares, meaning we can form a partnership with you to solve any queries regarding material handling equipment and offer the supplies and support you need to get the correct fleet that meets your specific needs.”

Another reason many companies dwell on the decision is because they don’t have all the information they need.

Jason believes that it is this that can make decisions on forklift fleets a difficult one, saying: “Without the correct information being readily available, the wrong fleet can be chosen; this can have a negative effect on business as you may not be able to operate efficiently.” Jason has over 30 years’ experience with material handling and access equipment and has all the expert advice you need. With the knowledge and experience they hold, they deliver excellent value for customers through inspirational service.

This allows an informed decision to be made so the correct fleet is supplied and the once tough decision is made a whole lot simpler.