Project Description

It’s fifty years since Baumann first began producing sideloaders in a small village near Verona, Italy. Today, with sales at an all-time high, visitors from around the globe gathered to celebrate half a century of the art of working sideways…

Baumann’s anniversary celebrations were marked by over 200 guests and coincided with major product developments and the completion of a new 21,500ft2 production hall.

On show for the assembled guests were new 120v ELX electric models, the most efficient electric sideloader ever produced and spearheading the move towards large capacity electrics, particularly in the timber sector.

Two other electric ranges, the EGX and EHX series, have also been updated. “Our EHX is ideal for light applications,” says Rainer. “It offers very compact dimensions with great visibility due to the battery positioned under the deck. No-one but Baumann offers such a solution.”

The 5 to 8 tonnes capacity EGX Series, meanwhile, utilises another award-winning feature, VRS – a direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage, adding greater control and preventing unnecessary chassis stresses.

LPG models are now increasingly rare, thanks largely to the progress in electrics, whilst diesel models still form a significant share of the sideloader market.

Diesel HX and GX models cover trucks below 8 tonnes capacity, whilst above is a range of GX/GXS models with and without stabilisers that handle heavy, typically steel, loads. Before the anniversary, that limit usually topped the 30 tonnes mark, but today there’s one more surprise in store – the world’s largest sideloader, the 50 tonnes capacity GXS500.

Designed to carry 40ft containers using inverted forks and a specially modified spreader beam, the sideloader will be delivered to an Austrain fruit concentrates company.

Fuelling ambition: In 1969, near the shores of Lake Garda, an ambitious 32-year-old stopped to refuel his car.

He was returning home to Germany after the latest leg of a journey which, despite covering 32 villages, had failed to uncover an ideal location for the fledgling business.

The stop at the petrol station in Cavaion changed everything. The French-speaking fuel attendant also happened to be the town’s mayor.

He not only arranged somewhere for the young Wolfgang Baumann to stay, he also introduced him to the area that would become home to Baumann Sideloaders.