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Our customers  were incredibly enthusiastic when talking to us about the Mitsubishi EDiA EX. We’ve had them on the Endeavour hotline, wanting to know if there was an update to the compact model on the way. As it turns out, yes — the 2018 EDiA EM is here, and it’s everything they (and we) were hoping for.

Not only does it have a lot of the same great features and fancy tech the EX had, all packed into a smaller frame, but there are a whole load of new improvements and innovations to go with it.


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  • The EDiA EM is available in 1.4–2.0 tonnes and in both 3 and 4-wheel models, with the 3-wheel able to be specified with 360-degree steering
  • The mast (which was already pretty fantastic for visibility) has had a redesign, with the hoses packed over the chains, allowing for a slimmer profile and offering the driver even better fork visibility
  • This new EM is quick, but never feels too fast. The state-of-the-art curve control slows it just right on corners and helps steady the sideways movement
  • Ergonomics are better than ever, with drivers of all shapes and sizes at home in the truck. The footwell can now easily accommodate feet up to a UK size 15, giving drivers ample room when working.



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  • Passive Sway Control minimises the annoying ‘sway delay’ you get when you need to wait for the mast to settle, which is something of a productivity killer.
  • The dual drive system on the new EDiA EM — a separate drive motor on each of the front wheels — gives you precision positioning and manoeuvring in tight spaces, reducing the turning circle and minimising the risk of damage.
  • The 4-wheel model is quite special, as it’s a 4-wheel that can turn like everyone else’s 3-wheel trucks, thanks to the >100-degree steer axle.
  • And with that model proving to be so manoeuvrable, the 3-wheel had to up its game even further. It can be specified with 360-degree steering, which allows you to smoothly turn the truck around without stopping. Not only does this save you time on every turn, but it’s safer if you have unsteady loads.



We couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done with the new model, so get in touch with us on 01709 242505 or use the contact form below to find out more.