It’s often said you only one chance to make a great first impression, so it’s important to us to convey the right message.

That not only means our branding, but also ensuring our engineers are kitted out in the best workwear and protective kit. The workwear and PPE has to be functional and durable enough to cope with very challenging operational environments.

BHI Workwear advised us on several product ranges, from polo shirts to coveralls, jackets to trousers. We’ve narrowed down to Dickies Workwear, based on the best performance to price ratios on protective clothing.

The main benefits of using BHI Workwear is their support in issuing samples and sizing kits. For the new products this reduces the risk of wastage (and our staff ending up with over or under sized outfits!). The samples have also allowed us to assess whether the garments are suited for our requirements.

Endeavour MD, Jason Reynolds, believes it’s been a great move. “BHI Workwear’s expertise helped us navigate the potential pit falls of certain brands sizing measurements so we bought right the first time around. The Dickies brand has also been around a long time – even longer than us! Before the logos were applied BHI Workwear sent over visual proofs to ensure everything was correct and approved before they applied the embroidery. The Endeavour and Mitsubishi logos are key to the professional representation via workwear, uniforms and PPE clothing.!

As the Endeavour logo was being applied to predominantly black garments we needed to adjust the colours ever so slightly so the text was in white thread and the right central square was a shade of grey so it stood out on black fabric.

Concludes Jason: “Working with BHI on the uniform, workwear and PPE order was easy, they did all the leg work so we didn’t have to. When you have companies as proactive as these guys it makes life a lot easier to tackle the rest of the operations with confidence that everything else is being taken care of! We highly recommend giving them a call!”