Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced a new range of electric counterbalance trucks, the FB40-50(C)2 series, which have been developed to deliver high power performance efficiently. The new 4.0 to 5.0 tonne range, which replaces the previous three-model series, comprises seven models – including compact and extended load centre models.

The new FB Series brings together two often contradictory characteristics: high energy efficiency and high performance. This has been achieved by utilising the latest AC motor technology, in conjunction with an intelligent design of chassis and components which has shortened distances between electronic and hydraulic components.

Powerful performance
As a result, the new FB40-50(C)2 series uses up to 20% less energy than previous models. VDI data indicates that the new series outperforms leading competitors in two areas: energy consumption and performance (number of cycles). In practice, this means that these new trucks can run for up to 12.5 hours on a full battery in most applications.

The series is particularly suited to heavy applications, such as rental fleets and wholesale environments, where more hardwearing products, such as building products, glass and garden products are handled.

Trucks have been designed to perform well both indoors and outdoors. The electronic components have an IP54 protection rating, which means that they are dust proof and splash protected. For companies looking to save in fuel costs and lower emissions, the FB40-50(C) series provides an alternative for diesel and LPG trucks.

More choice
The range includes seven models, including two compact (C) forklifts. Because of their shorter dimensions, they are well suited for applications where space is tight or for use in specialised racking configurations, including drive-in.

There are also two special (S) models. These offer an identical chassis length with an extended load centre distance of 600 mm, rather than 500 mm. This means that a truck can handle larger or longer goods or utilise attachments without adversely affecting the lifting capacity.

Fully customisable, the series offers a wide range of choices to suit every application. This includes:
• 2 control systems: ECO for ultra-low energy consumption and PRO for higher travel and lift speeds
• 4 battery changeover methods – dependent on the application’s needs
• 5 different operator cabins
• 2 environment packages – including a cold store package
• 2 types of steering – including electronic steering which improves performance by a further 3% and reduces consumption by 7%
• 5 types of tyres
• A wide range of accessories

Maximum comfort
Developed with heavy applications in mind, designers paid special attention to driver comfort. For example, the spacious driver’s compartment fully floats on the chassis to keep vibration to a minimum. The range of settings for the armrest, steering column and seat ensure operators can work productively without getting tired.

A premium display panel provides information clearly to drivers and they can further adapt the truck to the task at hand by choosing from five individually adjustable settings. In addition, the compartment offers a range of storage – including boxes and cupholders.
Detailed attention has been given to safety. Thus, the series is available with a cornering control system that reduces speed on curves when danger lies ahead.
In addition, models features an automatic parking brake to ensure trucks do not roll back unexpectedly on slopes, as well as a reversing alarm.