Do you use LPG forklifts at your Yorkshire business? Are you concerned about the effects harmful gases have on your workforce? Endeavour Forklifts is offering the solution for free with every first service booked…

With illegal levels of air pollution in the UK prematurely killing approximately 400,000 people a year, there is no denying that air quality is extremely important. It has become a crucial part of our daily decision-making to consider the effects on the atmosphere – not only for the streets of Britain, but for the aisles of the country’s warehouses too.

The internal combustion in the engines of LPG forklift trucks can emit gases that can cause serious harm to employees. Significant levels of carbon monoxide (CO) can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even death in extreme cases. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are the most common cause of air pollution, and can result in respiratory discomfort and problems among staff.

In some areas of the country, parents have taken to ensuring their children wear masks as they walk to and from school to prevent harm from polluted air – whilst LPG forklifts are commonly chosen for indoor operations for their perceived emissions benefits.

Endeavour service manager, James Breadmore, said: “Mitsubishi LPG forklifts come with a closed loop engine system, which offers optimum combustion, the best fuel efficiency and exceptionally low emissions. For models of LPG forklifts from other manufacturers, however, the truth may not be so encouraging, and it can be a challenge to assess the extent of damage caused by these machines.”

Some harmful gases are completely odourless, and can only be detected during an emissions test. So, in a bid to tackle air pollution in Yorkshire’s warehouses, with the first service booked with Endeavour Forklifts will include a free gas and emissions test. The offer is valid on all makes and models of LPG forklift trucks in the county.

James continues: “The gas analyser test from Endeavour can optimise combustion efficiency, maximise fuel savings and detect dangerous levels of gases that can affect safety and comfort in the work environment. If harmful air pollution is detected, Endeavour can work with you to ensure the necessary steps are taken to reduce polluted air and boost productivity throughout your operation.”

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