Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced a totally redesigned high level order picker with class-leading pick height, lift speed and ergonomics.

The 48 Volt OPBH10NH high performance model will allow picking at heights up to 11.5 metres – the highest in the market. Its powerful AC hydraulic motor will also deliver the fastest lifting speed in the market.

For applications that do not require such high and fast lifts, Mitsubishi offers the 24 Volt OPBH10N model with DC lift – but in every other respect both models in the OPBHN series share the same high specification as standard… with a particular focus on ergonomic features.

There is a unique ergolift design, for example, in which the lifting mechanism is located under the cabin floor. This has allowed the cabin wall to be made thinner, so that loads are easier to reach. The pallet lift will raise loads to a maximum height of 750 cm.

By splitting the control unit, access to the load has been enhanced even further – and the risk of accidentally operating controls while leaning to reach the load has been greatly reduced.

Interesting innovations include joystick control, as well as an inductive hand detector which will not allow operation of the truck unless both hands are safely within the cabin. Uniquely, this detector responds only to flesh and cannot be fooled by placing some other object where the hand should be.