Leading sideloader manufacturer, Baumann, has unveiled a new 50 tonnes capacity model, the largest sideloader ever built.

The GXS500 will be delivered to fruit concentrates company, Austria Juice, later this year and was revealed at a gala celebration of Baumann’s 50th anniversary.

Designed to carry 40ft containers using inverted forks and a specially modified spreader beam, the sideloader also features a raised cabin to see over the top of containers, which also tilts and angles forward to sit in front of the main deck. The technique was first used in Baumann’s GXS200 range and has proved extremely useful for providing clear views with and without loads.

Austria Juice turned to Baumann through their partners Kalmar Austria GmbH, when traditional container handling methods proved unsuccessful. With space restricted and load capacities increasing, the company has discussed the sideloader option for a number of years, before the final specification was agreed in 2018.

“This is the biggest sideloader that’s ever been made,” says Baumann technical director, Riccardo Bove, “and any machine this size comes with its own unique challenges. The total weight of the machine is in excess of 72 tonnes, the mast alone is 18 tonnes. That said, the basic design and specification of the truck is something that we are very familiar with and follows the same design principles of our existing ranges.”

As well as the new 50 tonnes machine, Baumann also unveiled a new production hall and new additions to its recently launched GX range. The company also discussed the trend towards electric models, as well as an increase in the average capacities in the sideloader market, from under four tonnes in the 1970s to over seven tonnes today.

“We invited guests from across the world to celebrate with us,” said managing director, Dr Klaus Pirpamer, “and to discover the latest developments at Baumann. We are constantly striving to deliver high quality sideloaders and despite working in a relatively niche market, we have grown dramatically each decade, it’s fantastic to share our success with so many friends and colleagues.”

Based in Cavaion on the shores of Lake Garda, Baumann now sells its products worldwide through 106 dealers in 76 countries. The 2019 FLTA Environment award winner has developed a reputation for consistent invention and the highest level of design and productivity.

Its newest five to eight tonnes capacity GX models are the first to include the Variable Reach System (VRS) which builds on the company’s award-winning Archimedes outreach method, adding further control and durability for demanding sideloader applications.

With VRS, the addition of a bespoke valve block, modified chassis and additional guide bar to increase inertia resistance has allowed Baumann to double the Archimedes spindle thread size and corresponding number of bearings. The result is a halving of the pressure required between the two, providing even greater accuracy and the ability to seal the spindle head to prevent contamination.

The new range also features changes to the chassis, Tier 4 Deutz TCD 3.6 diesel engines, refined ergonomic cabins and new joystick controllers and engine monitoring as standard. Wider access steps, air intake protection plates and a new exhaust stack also provide a sleek and solid look.

 “We are developing new improvements and new models all the time,” explains UK general manager at Baumann, Mark Bann. “The new GX range is a combination of the two, with upgraded engines and chassis, plus the increased reliability and innovation for which we have become known.”

Concludes Mark: “Seeing everyone here together for the anniversary event, it brings home how Mr Baumann’s vision for a business that puts its products, people and customers at the centre of everything it does, has really come to life. What’s more with the increased production capability and the latest product developments